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Cannabis product Australia

The creation of a new category of products derived from Cannabis serves patients who can benefit from this type of product. CBD is found naturally in the cannabis plant, as well as can be extracted purified from the plant. In this way, a distinction must be made between CBD-rich products and CBD- enriched products. That is, there are products made from cannabis without extraction, mainly from the seeds, and products that contain purified CBD diluted either in seed or olive oil or in other presentations.

Regarding cannabis-based products, their use is for food, mainly as food supplements. the use of cannabis as food. In some States, the plants are considered as food supplements, and in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Cannabis product Australia, and the United Kingdom there is a regulation on the use of cannabis as food as well as product in cosmetics or different form are available..

The chemical structure of cannabis

To date, 113 substances have been discovered in cannabis, including cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The latter has a psychoactive effect. Many people use cannabis for this very reason. Even if the possession, marketing or growth of the plant is currently prohibited by law. THC is also used successfully for medicinal purposes, for example in neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis or Tourette’s syndrome. But let’s not forget the side effects of THC. Smoking cannabis can affect blood pressure and pulse, can cause dry mouth, dizziness, redness of the mucous membranes, anxiety, hunger, or fatigue. And regular consumption can be addictive.

Cannabis product Australia

Some of the cannabis product Australia are as follows:

There is a wide selection of Cannabidiol (CBD) based products. Today you can buy cannabis oils or also called cannabis drops, crystals, capsules, ointments, creams, and even CBD-based food products.

 CBD nutritional supplement

 Generally, the oils are a powerful dietary supplement with different concentrations of CBD, which is not addictive and does not produce side effects. That is why it is considered as a nutritional supplement.

CBD oil

 CBD oil is an organic and safe product. Why? Because it is obtained through a technology that allows it to conserve all the nutrients found in the original plant. It is the synergistic action of these nutrients that make CBD oil so valuable and beneficial to overall health. Therefore, many people today are implementing these products in their diet to experience the positive effects of phytonutrients.

 CBD creams and ointments 

CBD creams and ointments are used in many cases. The main effect of these products that are applied to the skin is an anti-inflammatory effect. The heat / cold factor helps not only to relieve localized pain for people who have diseases such as arthritis or chronic muscle pain but also for athletes, even dancers after hours of training to reduce muscle pain.


Sativa has a catalog of CBD products with special emphasis on including organic raw material and tested by specialized laboratories. In our online store, you can find products such as:

CBD oils  – 4%, 10%, and 15%, in 10 ml presentations, of a sublingual application, made more comfortable thanks to its dropper. Produced from industrial hemp seeds rich in CBD and do not include synthetic components. 100 ml CBD cream, its rapid absorption through the skin produces an ideal heat / cold effect for the relief of muscle inflammation. Our cream has a convenient packaging and you can even take it with you on trips by having a permitted volume inside hand luggage. They have a light and smooth texture, not sticky.

To maintain the consistency and integrity of the raw material, our processes have strict quality controls, specially designed to maintain the purity and properties of CBD unaltered. This also allows us to provide you with products free of psychotropic substances, narcotics, pathogens, and pesticides.

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